You need project management professionals to deliver your strategic values?

You want to execute a complex transformation - and you are afraid to lose control or to fail objectives ?

You want to introduce agility in your organisation - and you don't know where and how to start ?

We provide professional services in

Program Management

Portfolio Management

Project Management Office

Project Management

Transformation Management

Scrum Master & agile delivery

We believe that

  • your capability to deliver is a key enabler to realize business value!
  • change does not happen by accident; the right people in the right places are needed!
  • project management is a professional activity, not a simple additional role of a team member!
  • project management is most efficient as a service provided by independent experts!

We offer a pool of project management professionals with outstanding experience and track records. They have access to field proven tools, frameworks, processes, dashboards and standing partnerships (a full ecosystem). We set realistic expectations and reduce your financial risks.


We are experts in the areas of application transformation, workplace transformation, the introduction of agility and the migration of mass data.

E&P ecosystem - project management

We understand project management as an holistic service.


Our ecosystem - project management provides end-2-end services to fullfill our delivery mandate. Our project management professionals use proven delivery strategies, management dashboards and our project community to exchange experience.


...this makes us different!

We offer back office services, therefore our project managers concentrate on their core competencies instead of losing energy in executing administrative tasks.


...and this makes us efficient!

E&P ecosystem -  agility

We offer a clear plan to support a stepwise introduction of agile methodologies in the project delivery process of traditional waterfall organisations. We close potential gaps in the existing organisation, processes or toolsets. We use our WAGILE framework to optimize the time-to market while keeping full control and transparency of the value delivery.

PBB Deutsche Pfandbriefbank

reporting transformation / introduction of agility

"I had full transparency about the program status and the impact of my decisions. It was a pleasure to observe the change of the project team towards more collaboration and more efficiency, I am impressed that the team was able to respect the challenging project mandate!"

 Rudolf Meister,

Head of Application Management Back Office, Deutsche Pfandbriefbank AG